Ben Collins.

Bachelor of Taxation (UNSW) CPA FTI MAICD

My name is Ben Collins, and I’m a CPA based in the Sydney CBD.

I’m a Bachelor of Taxation graduate from UNSW, and a Certified Practicing Accountant just like my Dad and his Dad… hopefully my son finds something more exciting to do with his life.

I started my practice in 2009, as soon as I became a Registered Tax Agent. Back in those days, websites would cost $20k + which is money I didn’t have… so I had to learn HTML and CSS and build my own. I started working with WordPress in 2011 and have become (in my opinion) pretty good at web development… this website is my own work (with the help of a great theme). Do you like it? Thanks. Anyway, back to the accounting stuff…

I like working with ambitious companies: fast growth is my speciality. I have one client in the 2016 BRW Fast Starters (#17) and another in the 2016 BRW Fast 100 (#12). I’m a very chilled out person, but I have an assertive approach to business. I think if you want to run your own business, you can’t be the kind of person who just lets life happen to you. You need to work super hard and make a lot of sacrifices. I’m supporting a family of five in one of the most expensive cities in the world, so weekends aren’t really a thing in my life… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have experience with companies of all shapes and sizes, from zero turnover all the way up to $20 million plus. I don’t have an ego, so whether you’re big or small I’m going to treat you the same… like a friend.

I’m a generalist with a broad skill base, and I can provide all kinds of business services.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, get in touch and let’s get started.

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