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Late Tax Returns?

I’ll get the monkey off your back.

I’ll take this problem and solve it

I’ve helped hundreds of people with late tax returns, with a 100% success rate of getting people out of trouble.

As soon as you appoint me as your Tax Agent it becomes my problem.

Just $132 each year

We charge a flat rate of $132 per year for late tax returns, which is fully tax deductible in your next year’s tax return.

I can get your payment summaries from the ATO, so you don’t even need records.

I’ll get your fines waived

We’ve successfully applied for remission of hundreds of fines, from $110 to over $200,000 and we can help you too.

You will never have to speak directly with the ATO, I’ll speak for you..

Do you have questions about your late tax returns?

I’ve got the answers.

Have you not filed a past tax return and now you’re getting worried?

You’ve just taken the first step toward a good night’s sleep. We understand that your late tax returns can fall to the wayside and can sometimes be hard to face. The good news is that you have my personal guarantee that if you engage me I will get you out of any trouble with the ATO.

Will I Get in Trouble for having Late Tax Returns?

So long as we contact the ATO and tell them we’re going to file your late tax returns then they will leave you alone. The ATO will only get antsy if they have to keep escalating your case to get you compliant, and as long as we let them know we’re working on them they will cease any kind of escalation.

Are there any Fines for Late Tax Returns?

You can be fined up to $550 for each late tax return, and more if it goes to court. However, if you have a reason and apologize and promise to comply on time in the future then the ATO will often waive any fines. They’re not there to punish you, they just want you to know it’s important to lodge so they sometimes wave their big bad stick.

How do I get My Late Tax Returns Prepared if I Don’t have the Payment Summaries?

Not a problem. If you give me all your details I can order copies of them from the ATO records. It takes a few weeks, but once we’ve been in contact there’s not going to be any problem anyway. If you’re short of records, we can usually fill in the gaps, so let’s just have a look at your situation and we’ll work it out from there.

How Much Does it Cost to Lodge My Late Tax Returns?

Late tax returns still qualify for our $132 offer for each tax return. There are no discounts for lodging multiple returns, so please don’t ask. Late tax returns usually involve more work because we need to deal with the late issue and get you out of any fines.
Ben Collins

Ben Collins CPA CTA
Chartered Tax Advisor & Registered Tax Agent

I’m here to help you with your personal and your business taxes. I’ve got expertise, and experience and I’m always available to help.

Get in touch with me.

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